Proud Feminist

If I can describe myself with one word it would be a feminist.  I am a proud feminist because I believe in the economic and social equality of ALL sexes.  Well I guess you can say that’s my definition of feminism, there are lots of different definitions but the main idea here is justice and equality of all sexes.  I just subscribed to Reddit (it sucks!) and was looking around to see what’s the big fuzz. I subscribed to “Fashion” and was reading some of the posts and of course I clicked on the post about how feminism is trending in high fashion.  Is it ok to monetize on social movements? This is definitely something that ran through my mind when I was creating Black Orquid. I felt guilty for using women’s names on my website, I felt like I was perpetuating what every designer does in the fashion industry.  How many times have you heard “sex sells” or have seen an ad with a half-naked woman that has nothing to do with the product? But that’s when I realized that I was not perpetuating objectification, I was actually doing the opposite!  I am spreading awareness about amazing women that hardly get any recognition.  I was not only creating an online jewelry shop but also giving my customers a learning experience.  Creating Black Orquid and sharing my love for jewelry and feminism, is the best thing that happened to me.  Hope you guys like it as much as I do.

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