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I have not done any writing since I graduated from college so I emailed my first written piece to my sister so she can do some editing. She said it sounded like an essay and a little bit too formal so from now on, screw formality!

Alright, now let’s talk about product images. This week I’ve been working on my product images and adding more angles so you guys can have a better visualization of my products and as a result , you guys  buy MORE! JK! In the fashion/jewelry industry images are everything.  I really think it’s a deal breaker when it comes down to selling a product online. I am not sure if some of you have been able to tell but I actually took all the images with my incompetent HTC phone (worse phone ever!) Black Orquid opened last October and as a small business, I’ve learned to keep my costs low on certain things.  I have to admit, I was kind of embarrassed in the beginning to be taking pictures of my products in a cardboard box.  I watched a YouTube video on how to make a mini photo studio and the next day after work, I brought a cardboard box and stole some white paper from my boyfriend’s printer.  Yea…that didn’t go very well so I decided to spend an astonishing amount of $30 on Amazon and bought a more decent studio. That worked fine but I got tired of the boring white background so I began to use my TV stand and voila! All the images you guys see with a dark background is my TV stand. Of course I make edits so you guys won’t actually see my TV or all the cables hiding behind it, I would die! Being an entrepreneur on a budget sure makes you creative.


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  • Mariana on

    How sweet and humble!

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