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Black Orquid strongly believes that economically empowering women is one of the best ways to stop the social inequality of women around the globe. That is why every time you buy an item with the word "Empower" in the product description or join our Black Orquid Club, Black Orquid will donate $1 to the K'ANTU foundation. K'ANTU helps artisan women in Peru and their children to stop the cycle of poverty through monetary assistance and education. As a customer, you're able to choose how you want to help by simply writing a note during check-out if you want the funds to go to the family or to their school.Have any questions? Please don't hesitate to contact us.

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Rosa Maria Yucra Ylla is a 17 -year-old girl with a beautiful family. She has a 5-month old daughter and will soon get married. Her boyfriend worked building adobe blocks for construction but he had an accident and his foot had to be amputated. He cannot do any heavy lifting work anymore, which is the most common job for men who don't have an education in the community. He now helps her with the weaving work.
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Justina Mamani Pucilla has three children, two boys and a little girl.  Her family is currently going through a really rough time . Two of her kids recently had surgery due to clef palate and a stomach problem, and her husband had surgery due to a car accident, which does not allow him to work at the moment. Her husband and  her children all worked together to sustain each other and now she's doing it all by herself like thousands of other women in the world and yet, still manages to have a big smile.
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Feliciana Yucra Ylla has three daughters and one son. She did not finish school and instead, worked on textiles to provide for her family. She is a mother artisan who weaves her crafts while taking care of her family, going three times a week to the craft market 30 minutes away from her house. Feliciana works hard to keep her children in school so that one day they can receive a higher education. "When you study and become a professional, you can do anything you want", she tells her children every day.
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Simiona Illa Condore learned to weave at the age of 11. She is a curious woman and had the initiative to learn ancient weaving techniques from her classmates. "I am very proud to use this specific technique which has been passed through generations from the times of the Incas." To sustain her family, Simiona takes her crafts to fairs around the city. She works by herself and has a message for all women, "Don't stay complacent, always keep working."
Black Orquid Empowering Women

An educated girl can empower herself, lift her family, help her community, change her country.

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