Black Orquid


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  • 925 Sterling silver dainty necklace with sunstone and pearl beads
  • Beads: sunstone, pearls, and sterling silver
  • Keywords: (sunstone) Inspiration, (pearl) innocence and generosity
  • Length: 16 in. & 18 in.
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Brianna Rollins (gold) , Nia Ali (silver) and Kristi Castlin (bronze) swept the women’s 100m hurdles in the 2016 Rio Olympics and made history.


Sunstone has a very positive effect on one’s psyche, it promotes good humor, cheerfulness and an even temper. It may provide the necessary stamina and energy to undertake projects and tasks that one may find daunting.

It offers self confidence and helps its wearer to discover one’s own nature and live accordingly. It assists its wearer in maintaining a positive attitude towards one’s own life and to use inherent strengths while still allowing the sunny side of the personality raise to the forefront.

Carry sunstone at all times if one have difficulty saying “no” to people, and continually make sacrifices for others. ssunstone will detach one’s feelings of being discriminated against, disadvantaged or abandoned; it will remove inhibitions and hang ups, reversing feelings of failure. It will increase feelings of self-worth, and confidence encouraging optimism and enthusiasm. It will switch all feelings to a positive take on any event. Even the most incorrigible pessimist will respond to sunstone.


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